Customer Sales and Marketing

Defining your unique product in the marketplace and having a strategic growth plan in place, will allow you to focus on customer sales and marketing. Your ideal customer has been identified. Your differentiated value proposition has also been noted. Using these, creative marketing strategies can be used to reach your target customer. Leading marketing channels to reach these customers can be used: among which may include social media, distribution channels, ads, referrals, and sales teams.

Sales can be measured from product launch to every step of growth for the company. Though the customer and product strategy have been identified, the continued measurement of OKRs and KPIs along with measuring actual sales and revenue will prove the viability of the plan. Sales or marketing channels may need to be adjusted as needed to target the ideal customer and to convincingly sell them the value proposition. Though the strategy has been tested, revenue will prove its success in the marketplace.

How It Works

Customer sales drive the growth of the company. Every nuance in how the customer receives and values the product will optimize the revenue and profit. Therefore, this is a constant evolution in understanding how to maximize sales and create value.
Marketing channels are numerous as well. Some channels may be more relevant to your industry and product than others. By testing some of the more strategic marketing means, it can be assessed which channels are reaching the customers with the most efficacy.

  1. Define marketing channels
  2. Create value during sales
  3. Calculate revenue and profits
  4. Adjust marketing as needed


Marketing and sales will bring revenue and drive the growth of the business. As the business grows, new methods can be utilized to optimize increased growth in sales. Customer satisfaction will continually be assessed. As revenue and profitability drive the growth of the company, investors will also be better convinced to employ capital.

Scaling Projects