Raising Investment from Angels or Venture Capital

Financing a company, in all stages Seed to Series E, can involve strategic relationships with venture capital, debt financing, angel investors, private equity, government grants, and others. Having a consulting partner that can help clean up the data room, financials, company pitch deck, and business plan so that it is convincing to investors can be key. The only difference between a company that is successful at fundraising versus one that is not is often that it does not have all its ducks in a row when presenting to investors.

Often CEOs and other C-suite executives do not have connections with those that can make investment decisions at venture firms and other financing firms. Having a partner that can facilitate those warm introductions which make it possible to speak to stakeholders at these investment firms can make all the difference when trying to secure capital. We will enable those introductions to key players in the investment ecosystem and also help your company determine which types of investment make the most sense for your product and business.

How It Works

The key to successful financing is to speak to the right investors and to present them with a pitch deck, data room, business plan, and financial outlook that make sense. Your company has to be convincing that it is the best in the current market landscape to succeed.
Working with a strong, experienced partner that can facilitate your chances of success is priceless. There are so many types and venues for financing and approaching the right ones at the right time can deliver the greatest success.

  1. Define fundraising goals
  2. Strategize key fundraising partners to target
  3. Prepare deck, data room, business plan
  4. Allow partner to facilitate introductions


The key benefit for the business will be to raise capital from the ideal resource that is suitable for growth. A well-networked and experienced consulting partner can facilitate those introductions but also make sure that your company has a sound business plan and financial projections before presenting.

Scaling Projects